CGA Studio Games
Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom

Founding date:
August 1, 2001


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Formula Retro Racing
Pinball Freedom
Space Ribbon
Chill Panda
Virtual Driving School
Crazy Zen Codeword
Crazy Zen Mini Golf
Formula Retro Racing World Tour

37 Windsor Street

+00 (44)151 709 5443


CGA Studio Games are a British game studio with a passion for making indie games that stand out by being eccentric, original and highly memorable. CGA Studio Games's team have many years of game development experience, some of which working for major studios such as Sony or Lucas Arts, but live and breath the indie game developer ethic. Where possible they make the games that they want to play. trying to create our games that avoid staid sterotypes within gaming to capture something eccentric and strange. People often describe our games as 'trippy' but they can't see why chasing a giant retro panda through space in retro refitted classic cars is odd.


Early history

Until 2015 as Onteca we produced innovative top-tier Casual games and applications for iOS and Android. We have had a number of Top Ten titles for iOS including Draw with Powertools which was Number 1 in Switzerland and Top 10 in 11 other countries, Santa Tracker which reached the Top 5 in the USA and UK in 2015 and Big Pub Quiz which was a Top 10 iPad Game in the in the UK in 2013. Onteca's portfolio of Smart Phone games has racked up over 10,000,000 downloads on Apple's App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. Onteca have unparalleled experience and expertise in innovative technologies and have also produced interactive content for a wide range of clients, including the BBC, AMD and Intel.

Transformation to a Console Game Developer

Frustrated with the restrictions of free to play on mobile we pivoted to console and PC game development. During 2016 we released, Space Ribbon, a party race game for all major platforms and CHILLpanda a mobile and handheld "relax to win" game for anxiety reduction. Onteca's unique and patient approach to game development allows us to release 3 major titles in one year. Space Ribbon was the first of Onteca's new game title to see the light.



Space Ribbon Greenlight Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Innovate UK Feasibility Contest : Better Interactions Between People and Machines Project" - BCI-Me: Using Brain Computer Interfaces and Bio-feedback to Track and Provide Interventions for Anxiety

Space Ribbon
Space Ribbon is available in Early Access on Steam http:.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Jon Wetherall
Managing Director

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