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Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom

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December 23, 2019

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A mystical mini golf experience that will journey you and up to 3 friends through a variety of courses nestled in the heart of a stunning zen garden. Tackle crazy obstacles, find yourself riding moving platforms, bouncing off bumpers, and diving into the mouth of a dragon. Marvellous Mystical Mini-Golf Madness! Experience the most mesmerising Mini-Golf game in the world! Explore the magical mini-golf madness as you adventure through our zany zen garden. Channel your inner zen in serene scenes and putt to perfection to complete all the holes in as few strokes as possible! Whether you're playing individually or competing against friends, there's endless fun to be had battling to beat the top score! Delve into this mind-blowing Mini-Golf world and marvel at the sensational gameplay to be had. Breathtakingly beautiful backdrops set the stage for exhilarating adventures amidst a realm of golfing glory! Collect coins to boost your chances of beating your opponent! Master the bouncing ball and jump to triumph! Select your swing strength, aim and shoot, taking the fastest route to the hole! Whizz your way around the colourful courses, wall-riding and mastering moving platforms whilst you swerve swinging pendulums and dive through Dragon's mouths! As your skills skyrocket you'll fly past the frothing fountains and prickly pyramids, bouncing off the bumpers and boost pads as you go! Grab this Mini-Golf mastery now to become the next putting Pro!


The first version of Crazy Zen Mini Golf launched in 2019 on Nintendo Switch. Launching on Steam in 2022 is Crazy Zen Mini Golf 2, with new and exciting themes, online multiplayer mode and new ball abilities.


  • Crazy courses
  • Awesome obstacles
  • Stunning scenery.
  • Varied 9 hole courses
  • Local Multiplayer.
  • Teleportation.
  • Cannons.
  • Boost pads.
  • After Touch: Control your ball whilst it's moving to pull off amazing trick shots, and avoid even the most difficult obstacles.


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About CGA Studio Games

CGA Studio Games are a British game studio with a passion for making indie games that stand out by being eccentric, original and highly memorable. CGA Studio Games's team have many years of game development experience, some of which working for major studios such as Sony or Lucas Arts, but live and breath the indie game developer ethic. Where possible they make the games that they want to play. trying to create our games that avoid staid sterotypes within gaming to capture something eccentric and strange. People often describe our games as 'trippy' but they can't see why chasing a giant retro panda through space in retro refitted classic cars is odd.

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