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31 March, 2022

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Baby Pandas grow up fast! Chill Panda is excited to go out into the world but feels worried about exploring alone! Chill Panda heads to the beautiful island of Chill Ville near the sea where it's said that a very calm and wise panda lives. Discover the secrets of the island. Help Chill Panda manage fear and worry. So that nothing can stop Panda from having fun! Embark on an expedition through the island of Chill Ville with Chill Panda in this atmospheric point and click adventure game. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles, create captivating artwork, and take on quests for the Panda Islanders. Can you help keep Panda calm and fill up the Well of Wellbeing?


Chill Panda is both a mental health self-support tool as well as a fun game. It began as an NHS approved app in 2017, teaching children simple techniques for recognising and managing anxiety. When signs of anxiety are detected, users are prompted to complete wellbeing activities based on movement, distraction, or breathing exercises, whivh Dr Micklewright (NHS Doctor) says are “well-used strategies for helping children manage worry or anxiety.” Users can measure their heart rate, then use a sliding scale to indicate how they are feeling, and the app will place them on a 'mood grid' and enable them to easily track their progress and work out which activities work best for them. Chill Panda isn't a medical device but the techniques we use in the game draw on a broad spectrum of scientific studies and evidence. There are plenty of games on the market that address the issue of anxiety in adults but very few designed to help children under eight recognise and manage feelings of anxiety. We've spent the last two years in a global pandemic, which is scary for children. However, we knew, before Covid 19, that children were experiencing more anxiety at a younger age. There's a lot of well publicised research exploring why children are more anxious and areas of children's mental health to be aware of. Mental health charity Place2Be says two thirds of 10/11 year olds worry all the time. It's shocking but there's plenty for them to worry about in the modern world. By working closely with Dr Caroline Belcher, CGA has identified four pillars of relaxation. These pillars help refocus anxious children and are incorporated into activities in our game - giving children skills for life.


  • Fill Chill Panda's Well of Wellbeing by drinking water and chewing bamboo.
  • Meet the villagers and help them out by farming and clearing the land.
  • Use your senses to catch fireflies.
  • Create colourful pictures and to decorate Chill Panda's home.
  • Earn coins by completing tasks to buy furniture and equipment for Panda's home and garden.
  • Release energy at the beach by surfing the waves or banging on the drums.
  • Personalise Panda with new wardrobe options and backpack customisation.
  • Collect seeds and grow your own flower garden.


Trailer YouTube

The Psychology Behind the Game YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "One of the Top 5 Apps That Can Help Your Anxious Child"
    - Stacey B, Medium
  • "Chill Panda teaches children simple techniques for recognising and managing anxiety. When signs of anxiety are detected, users are prompted to complete wellbeing activities based on movement, distraction, or breathing exercises, which Dr Micklewright says are “well-used strategies for helping children manage worry or anxiety.”"
    - Dr. Micklewright, NHS Doctor, and Digital Health Specialist, Youtube review of Mental Health apps
  • "“I enjoy playing Chill Panda because it's fun but it also makes me feel calm. Feeling calmer makes me feel happy.”"
    - Wilfie, aged 6 in artcile detailing how "Technology and gaming could help children feel less anxious after a year of 'Blue Mondays'", Liverpool 5G
  • "I love this game. I have anxiety and I get stressed easily, my mum who works with kids with mental health issues told me to get it, love it never will delete it"
    - miss zoey65, Apple App Store Review

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CGA Studio Games are a British game studio with a passion for making indie games that stand out by being eccentric, original and highly memorable. CGA Studio Games's team have many years of game development experience, some of which working for major studios such as Sony or Lucas Arts, but live and breath the indie game developer ethic. Where possible they make the games that they want to play. trying to create our games that avoid staid sterotypes within gaming to capture something eccentric and strange. People often describe our games as 'trippy' but they can't see why chasing a giant retro panda through space in retro refitted classic cars is odd.

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