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4 Sep, 2020



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The ultimate learner driver experience! Get ready to put your driving ability to the test! Learn the basics in the car park and then prove your skills on the road. Control your speed and respond correctly to hazards to gather maximum points! With the in-game Editor System players can set up their own driving challenges, allowing bespoke driving tests to be created and shared.


Virtual Driving School (VDS) came as a follow on from CGA's ALEAD project. VDS is a digital learning environment that gives learner drivers the chance to practice their practical driving in realistic environments, based on real UK road networks. Virtual Driving School is a serious, skills-based game that gives players tips on how to become safer drivers, in a hyper-real, virtual environment made with digital twin technology. Modelled around a 'Sim City'- style simulated world, you can visit city streets and highways. Choose from and a wide range of unique driving challenges and scenarios that require precision and concentration. Learner drivers have to observe international traffic rules, consider speed limits and stay aware of other drivers to gain maximum points in this gamified driving platform.


  • Tutorial Mode.
  • Driving Lessons and driving lesson content set in real UK locations.
  • HD environments.
  • Navigate a virtual night-mode and learn real-life skills.
  • Amazing landscapes to explore (cities, mountains, and highways).
  • Change the weather or time of day.
  • Create your own routes and hazards and share them with our Steamworks Integration.
  • Realistic car physics.
  • Respond to a variety of hazards.
  • AI cars and pedestrians passing, indicating and responding to mimic real-life travel patterns.
  • Smooth and realistic car handling with keyboard, gamepad, and steering wheel support.
  • VR Support.


Trailer YouTube

In-Game Editor YouTube


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CGA Studio Games are a British game studio with a passion for making indie games that stand out by being eccentric, original and highly memorable. CGA Studio Games's team have many years of game development experience, some of which working for major studios such as Sony or Lucas Arts, but live and breath the indie game developer ethic. Where possible they make the games that they want to play. trying to create our games that avoid staid sterotypes within gaming to capture something eccentric and strange. People often describe our games as 'trippy' but they can't see why chasing a giant retro panda through space in retro refitted classic cars is odd.

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